Livestream 1 –  Micdermonot


Chat Rules:
-Don’t spam the chat with links/smileys or anything else that’s annoying and makes it difficult to read.

-Don’t be offensive or say anything ignorant about other countries/race/sexuality/religions etc.


Livestream 2 – JamesPKAngel


Chat Rules: 
No Racism
No Spamming
No Backseat gaming
Be Respectful to EVERYONE
No links to any website
Have fun and enjoy your stay Don’t forget to follow!


Stream Schedules


Livestream 1- Micdermonot

Monday – Thursday: Starting Around 8:00PM – 2:00AM (GMT +0)

Friday – Saturday: Sometimes Afternoons and Evenings (GMT +0)

*Fro’day(Sunday): Starting Around 8:00PM – 2:00AM (GMT +0)

*Fro’day is a special day where Micdermonot plays games with the viewers

Livestream 2- JamesPKAngel

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – No set time

** Note this is just a rough guide to streaming times. Streaming may start earlier or end later then specified



Once a month streamer Micdermonot has a giveaway where the viewers have a chance to win free prizes. All you have to do to have a chance to win is join the “Fro The Winsteam group (showing up in the stream once in a while would be nice too).

Join the Steam group here to Enter

This months Giveaway (April 2012):

  • Unannouced

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