The War Z executive producer Sergey Titov called players of his game faggots.

the war z

In a forum post made by Executive producer Serey Titov on the War Z forums, Titov commented;

I’m trying to play at least couple hours a day every single day. Getting killed a lot, but 80 percent of all kills are ‘honest.’ I’m just being careless. I’m not trying to hide. 20 percent are shitty kills by faggot’s who’s spawn camping… Or by guys who just want to play the shooter and shoot everyone in sight.

A representative stated Titov “has no prejudice against homosexuals; just a poor choice and inappropriate choice of words.” I’m sure we can all agree, at some point we have played a shooter and raged at someone on the other team camping, but you expect better from an executive producer.

The War Z is still in development but will be going into open beta soon, so I’m sure Sergey is looking forward to more campers.

[Source: Gamespot]